Friday, 15 October 2010

Halloween Game Ideas

Want some Halloween Fun but Short of ideas for your Halloween party? We'd like to share few halloween game ideas fun for children and also adults guaranteed.

Spooky Mummy contest

Aim of the Game: The team who make the most scary spooky mummy wins!

What You Need:
Lots of toilet paper (recycling one please)
Other material you have around that can be used for this purpose

What You Do: Make two small groups or more depending of the number of participants (4 is a good number, one for the mummy and the other three to wrap). One can wrap the leags, another the arms and the third one the torso. The group to wrap their mummy faster and better than the other groups will win. Make it clear that they have to do a good job in order to win. Eyes, mouth and eyes must be uncovered.

Good luck!

The Tell-Tale Tale or Halloween Chineese wishpers

Aim of the Game: Send scary messages around the circle and let them come out totally edited as they go around. Enjoy the new creative versions and terrific remixes.

What You Need:
Just a good bunch of people and a short halloween story or tongue twister.

What You Do: For this game is more fun wth a large group. Get everyone to sit in a large circle close to each other. Have someone to start the game and the original message going and whisper a short scary message into the ear of the person sitting to the right of them. It's only allowed to whisper the message one time. That person then whispers it to the person on their right, and so on.

When every one had his go, the message is spoken aloud and the riginal message is disclosed. Start the game again using the person to the right of the originating story teller.

Tip: Tongue twisters are great fun for this game.

Here are some Halloween ideas:

"Scary Sherry sells scabby skeletons to squirmy, scaly snickering snakes."

"The ghastly, greedy, green ghost got on the gray grave and groaned greatly."

Use your creativity!

Weaving A Scary Tale

Aim of the Game: To create a scary tale, each person getting one minute and the next person take over!

What You Need:
Index cards
A pen
A minute timer.

What You Do: Get some cards or cut out paper and a pen. Come up with a phrase on each card that would be a scary line for story or something to do with Halloween. Set the mood, dim the lights and light up a candle. Then, pass around the cards, facing down. Each player picks a card from the deck and begins to spin a tale for one minute. The person making up the story will hold the candle as they speak.

Then, the next person speaks and turns the story another direction. To keep the story going , they should repeat the last line spoken by the previous person.

You'll have to put an end to the game. It works better with children over six years old to adults.

Here are some ideas for spooky lines:

That night, was a stormy night ....
Creatures of the sky cried with anguish...
A banshee screamed ... The coffin creaked ...
A corps lay in the corner! It looked like ...
a hand bobbed inside the boiling pot ...
Suddenly, the door creaked open. It was a vampire! ...
There was blood on the boiling pot...the skeleton stood up ..
Rats scattered as I switched on the light ...
From the open grave rose a ...
Suddenly the severed head opened it's eyes! ...
I felt something moving on my shoulder, ...
The ghost moaned ...

Hope you are already in the mood and full of Halloween Game Ideas?


Halloween game ideas

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